French Surrender in Afghanistan

French commandos ordered home because searching for bin Laden is just too dangerous. Ed sent the link along noting that it was the "least surprising headline ever".

I'd try to say something funny about it if I had either the time or inclination. The truth is that there is nothing funny about French cowardice when it affects our national security.

You lose 9 guys, and you pull out?

Lesson learned by terrorists: the West is weak.

French special forces tracking Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan have been ordered home by President Jacques Chirac because of the "worsening security situation," Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper reported yesterday.

The group of 200 elite soldiers have been in the war-torn country since 2003, where they have been assisting their U.S. counterparts in hunting the al-Qaeda leader and Taliban fighters around Spin Boldak, near the south-eastern border with Pakistan, and an area around Jalalabad, in the north-east.

Mr. Chirac's decision to send them was intended to reassure the U.S. that France was still a willing ally in fighting terrorism despite its stance against the U.S.-led offensive in Iraq. But, according to unnamed military sources cited in Le Journal du Dimanche, Mr. Chirac gave the go-ahead during a defence counsel meeting to pull the men out of the country by early 2007. According to the report, the troops were badly shaken by the recent death of nine members during a mission.

Oh, and it's chowdah, Frenchie! Chowdah!

Posted by: Rusty at 09:13 AM


1 Sheep.

Posted by: JeepThang at October 16, 2006 10:36 AM

2 Delegated the most wanted man on Earth's capture to the French - hmmm, whose decision was that?

Posted by: tbone at October 16, 2006 11:52 AM

3 " Badly shaken " ( shaking ) in their little black combat booties! History repeats itself. We will inevitably be landing on their shores again to save their sorry asses from the moooouslimes.

Posted by: Last gasp Larry at October 16, 2006 03:03 PM

4 I think the article said the decision was by the French, to show solidarity in the fight against international terrorism. The French will not have to go very far to find terrorists, though, they are everywhere in the suburbs of the large French cities, including Paris. The homegrown terrorists will see this as more weakness by the French, so do expect them to ramp up the pressure on the French government and its people. Where is Charles Martel when you need him?

Posted by: jesusland joe at October 16, 2006 03:09 PM

5 Well, hell - atleast they tried to get Bin Ladel. C'est la vie...

Posted by: tbone at October 16, 2006 03:50 PM

6 Deleter alarm.

Posted by: Greyrooster at October 16, 2006 03:50 PM

7 I think the "badly shaken" comment stems from the fact that the 9 special forces soldiers were disembowled alive by the Taliban. That's pretty fucked, no matter who you are.
Am I the only one who was surprised to hear there were actually French troops in Afghanistan?

Posted by: Venom at October 16, 2006 04:16 PM

8 Well, in all fairness, how many times can they really be expected to surrender in France?

Posted by: Gleep! at October 16, 2006 04:20 PM

9 Lesson learned by terrorists: the West is weak.

Or, perhaps it's: the West is insane because they keep doing the same things while expecting different results.

Posted by: Gleep! at October 16, 2006 04:50 PM

10 So what is elite about French soldiers? How do we know?

Posted by: garrett at October 16, 2006 06:03 PM

11 I wouldnt be surprised if they were threatened from within, their own police have said they are fighting an intifada. Bring your girls home or we take over you country way sooner than you were planning!

All I got to say about it is AGINCOURT!

I stick my two fingers up to all you frenchies!

Posted by: dave clarke at October 16, 2006 06:08 PM

12 Fucking rifle dropping surrender monkeys.

Posted by: Jack's Smirking Revenge at October 16, 2006 06:19 PM

13 You can purchase French Nato style rifles on the internet. Good deals too. Never used and only dropped once.

Posted by: Greyrooster at October 17, 2006 03:35 PM

14 So Garrett, you want to know what's elite about French soldiers?

They can surrender to you in more ways than you know how to take them captive.

They can surrender to you from across the room while you're looking them in the eyes, and you'll never even see it coming.

Posted by: Improbulus Maximus at October 17, 2006 07:43 PM

15 Vemon: A elite force of soldiers doesn't cut and run when terrorist scum disembowels 9 of your unit. You get some pay back. To the Taliban their barbaric behavior will be taken as it worked let's do it again. The French should be infuriated and wanting payback. Not running with their tails between their legs. Perhaps if the French at 2000 instead of 200 it wouldn't have happened.

Posted by: Greyrooster at October 18, 2006 03:58 AM

16 More than that. They should be punished as traitors for providing comfort and encouragement to the enemy. That's why it's a man's job. Children just get in the way and cause more harm than good.

Posted by: Last gasp Larry at October 19, 2006 01:17 PM

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