YouTube Jihad : 3alibaba's Videos GONE

YouTuber SpiritofCMartel (formerly Crusader18) brought this to my attention. Owing to the attention brought by the Jawas and others, this 3alibaba's videos have now been removed and his account suspended. Here's his message:

I want to thank you all. This user started out with 10 unabashedly Heinous jihadist videos, and now all are gone. You did this, and I thank you. When you click on this profile if it shows any videos, click on any one. I think you will pleasantly surprized. The one question I would ask You, is DID IT REALLY TAKE THAT MUCH OF YOUR TIME? It's worth the 2 minutes you spent flagging him, to remopve those videos. Thank You.

Posted by: Ragnar at 12:42 AM


1 About fucking time, dammit.

Posted by: Vinnie at October 09, 2006 02:08 AM

2 Gosh, I thought everyone here was against censorship, even with messages they disagree with... Oops.

Posted by: Rhyleh at October 09, 2006 06:06 AM

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