Top Sunni Politician's Bodyguard Linked to al Qaeda in Iraq

A bodyguard for the top Sunni politician in Iraq has been arrested as part of an al Qaeda cell planning suicide bombing missions on Baghdad. Color me unsurprised. Who do you expect would be working for a Sunni cleric who calls the U.S. presence in Iraq an 'occupation' and who opposes every military operation against Sunni terrorists.

You'll recall that Jill Carroll was on her way to meeting Adnan al-Dulaimi when she was taken hostage. Her kidnappers knew she was coming.

There is also evidence that someone in al-Dulaimi's office was involved in the Giuliana Sgrena kidnapping.


U.S. troops detained a bodyguard for the leader of
Iraq's biggest Sunni Arab political group on suspicion the guard was preparing suicide bombings, and fearful officials on Saturday enforced a total ban on movement in this city of about seven million people.

The U.S. command said the man was believed to be a member of al-Qaida in Iraq and was preparing a series of suicide attacks inside the heavily fortified Green Zone, home to the Iraqi government, parliament and the U.S. and other western embassies.

Khudhir Farhan was taken into custody Friday at the home of Adnan al-Dulaimi, the head of the largest Sunni Arab bloc in parliament, al-Dulaimi told The Associated Press.

"Credible intelligence indicates the individual, a member of Dr. Dulaimi's personal security detachment, and seven members of the detained individual's cell were in the final stages of launching a series of (car bomb) attacks inside the International Zone, possibly involving suicide vests," the U.S. military said in a statement without identifying the man by name.

He is suspected of having links to a car bomb network operating in the southern area of Baghdad, the military said.

Immediately after the arrest Friday afternoon, al-Dulaimi denied that the guard had terrorist links. But when contacted by the AP on Saturday he said: "That individual joined my residence as a guard no more than a month ago, therefore I haven't got complete data about his background."

"Anyhow, they are only suspicions about his involvement, which have not been proved," al-Dulaimi said.

Yes, I'm still not blogging. But I had to do this one since the rest of the Sandcrawler crew seems to have found better things to do today.

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1 Islam is a religion of peace.

Posted by: Darth Vag at September 30, 2006 01:23 PM

2 Definetly not the kind of bodyguard he can trust

Posted by: sandpiper at September 30, 2006 02:05 PM

3 Tricky, little goat fucker.

Posted by: greyrooster at October 01, 2006 07:17 PM

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