Pick on Michelle Malkin Week

Hey, Why did I not get the memo? For hot photos of Michelle in a bikini, well at least photoshops of what Michelle might look like in a bikini if she were someone else and still had her face click here.

Or, for those of you who care about stuff that matters, click here for complete translations of the articles criticizing Islamic terror that have been banned in Egypt. Robert Redeker the author of one of the op-ed pieces has been forced to go into hiding as al-Qaeda has issued a Death Fatwa against him.

I bet Rusty is jealous. Always a bride's maid and never a bride eh Rusty?

Posted by: Howie at 12:51 PM


1 That photoshop depicts the way Michelle Malkinmight look if she were in a bikini--and 6' tall. Strange choice, considering there's a lot more women Michelle's height.

Actually, I'll wager Michelle looks better than that in a bikini.

Other than the choice of a tall bikini chick, it's avery decent photoshop job. My compliments on the skills. Whoever did that work shouldgive some lessons to Adnan Hajj.

Posted by: The All-Seeing Pirate Ragnar at September 29, 2006 02:26 PM

2 Today was a complete loss. I feel like a complete blank. I don't care.

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