Wars and Rumors of Wars with Iran

Who am I to resist rumors of war with Iran?

Posted by: Rusty at 09:17 AM


1 The Ziocons are desperate. They can feel the noose around their necks. Americans know they have been betrayed – 9-11, a war of lies, unchecked spying, war crimes.

The Ziocons need another incident as a distraction and will manufacture it if need be. They need martial law to fill their internment camps and silence the chatter.

A false flag, dirty bomb operation, blamed on Iran would do the trick. Then they can attack Iran with nukes, after all, “they attacked us with nukes first”.

Posted by: Greg at September 23, 2006 09:59 AM

2 Wow Greg, all you need is the alien abduction conspiracy and a few Haliburton rumors and you can be a full fledged moonbat. Congrats.

Posted by: JC at September 23, 2006 10:03 AM

3 Let's roll! btw: Greg, your momma called and says for you to go home.

Posted by: n.a. palm at September 23, 2006 10:04 AM

4 How many nukes can or does it carry? Poor little Imamadminime. Can Chavez the Venezuelan Potbellied Piggy be enticed to go visit his Iranian bum chum so the Eisenhower Strike Group can kill two short little inferiority complexed, overcompensating terrorists that need to have their flesh melted off by radiation therapy?

Posted by: Stan the Infidel in Indonesia at September 23, 2006 10:08 AM

5 I hope so. Only this time let us not send in any ground forces to help the enemy rebuild. Fuck em.

Greg: You're getting sicker and sicker. You need help.

Posted by: greyrooster at September 23, 2006 10:58 AM

6 Greg is a sockpuppet from Kos.

Posted by: Darth Vag at September 23, 2006 11:18 AM

7 Time to get down and get this shit over with. Time to bitch slap Iran and let these Islamoturds understand not to mess with us. Who cares about Iranians anyway. The world will be a better place without them. Nothing but trouble year after year. An example worth doing for the overall good of mankind.

Posted by: greyrooster at September 23, 2006 11:41 AM

8 This post was actually funny though. I'd love to sneak into greg's house and rummage through his crap while he's not home; that'd be one for the books! I bet he's got one of those UFO poster like Mulder had in the X-Files captioned I want to believe.

Posted by: Improbulus Maximus at September 23, 2006 12:01 PM

9 loose lips sink credibilities.

Posted by: actus at September 23, 2006 12:53 PM

10 Greg,

So what? We're gonna have to fight the Iranians sometime, and it might as well be on our terms.

But tell me, pray tell, just where oh where do you come up with all these theories? Ziocons? Is that some race from your weekly D&D game? Internment camps? Well... that part pisses me off because it's a state secret and now that you are blabbing about it, well... we'll have to do something about that then, won't we? Who told you about the camps? You listening in to Dreamland radio again?

Greg... you are just too funny. I'd really like to respond to you in detail, but I absolutely refuse to attack the handicapped.



Posted by: Gwedd at September 23, 2006 02:41 PM

11 I think Greg is on George Soros' payroll in charge of rumor and conspiracy dissemination. (How's that for a conspiracy theory, Greg.)

Posted by: Heroic Dreamer at September 23, 2006 04:02 PM

12 Garduneh Mehr is already in Iran doing reconnaissance with a team of Canadian Special Forces.

Posted by: Darth Vag at September 23, 2006 04:10 PM

13 No, no. Mehr wants us to kill all the Arabs and leave Iran alone.

Posted by: greyrooster at September 23, 2006 11:03 PM

14 Gwedd, these idiots have been working on this crap for years, but most
of it comes from old plot lines from <i>Star Trek</i> and
the <i>X-Files</i>.

Posted by: Improbulus Maximus at September 24, 2006 09:09 AM

15 The coalition is already at war on two fronts. So yeah Special Forces is one way to go. A lot of folks don’t get the fact that Iran thinks that they can take over the world with their oil and nukes. Maybe the Pajama Media could step up on this one.

Posted by: Peter S at September 24, 2006 09:51 AM

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