Atwar Bahjat Story Retracted: Where is MSM?

Will Hala Jaber's retraction about the Atwar Bahjat murder get as much coverage as her initial story? Don't hold your breath. So far her retraction has only been printed in two papers: The Sunday Times and The Australian.

The Guardian's online blog section also mentions the retraction, with a nod to The Jawa Report. The Guardian:

Sunday Times reporter Hala Jaber, one of Britain's most respected foreign correspondents, has admitted that she was hoaxed by a videotape she thought showed the beheading of a fellow journalist and friend....

Bahjat's TV network, Al Arabiya, immediately denied Jaber's version of events and the blog the Jawa Report linked the Nepalese video with the one seen by Jaber.

Following queries about the video, from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Media Watch TV programme, Jaber wrote her follow up piece.

Compare that to the hundreds of articles that came on the heels of the initial erroneous story that Bahjat had been beheaded.

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Atwar Bahjat Beheading Video a Hoax

Posted by: Rusty at 08:52 AM


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