Stop Attacking the American Journalist

Thats the title of an article in the Yemen Times defending me by Abdulkarim al-Khaiwani, the Yemeni editor the bloggers helped me circulate a petition for. He was granted amnesty a week later (this was back in March.) Sometimes payback is not a beeyotch.

It discusses the Yemeni regime's attempts to contact me before they decided to start calling me a Zionist and numerous other nasty names in the governmental papers.

So this line is pretty funny: The question, which has been raised, is that how is it possible for the President’s journalist Mr. Sanabani to meet a Zionist writer.

Is that snark? Translated from Arabic it still comes through as snark.


Update: me bud d-rod asks the eturnal question Why? Maybe its my articles like this one about the criminal activities of the Yemeni president or maybe this one about attacks on the Yemeni journalists. My articles also get translated into Arabic and published in Yemen, so I'm blowing their propaganda in the West and inside Yemen.

Posted by: Jane at 06:40 PM


1 Fantasic!!!

Posted by: Howie at October 27, 2005 08:58 PM

2 hey Howie, I thought it was pretty damned cool myself. i was getting trashed BADLY by the yemeni government newspapers. And it took me a week to figure out the one article where the yemeni government said I had the culture of the soldiers at abu ghraib, that is was probably a sexual reference. so i dont hear it all but when this guy comes out swinging for little jane the neo-con blogger, then things must be going on the right track. because al-khaiwani is an astounding guy. not only did he refuse the offer one month into his sentence to apologize and get out of jail. but when he got the amnesty six months later, he refused to leave his cell in prison because his rights are not a gift. he wanted them affirmed by the court not bestowed by the president. his friends had to drag him out. so for this guy to be standing with me is a HUGE honor. seriously. i have the greatest repect for him. he lives it. and plus he's a great writer in arabic and the government shut him down. they took his paper and threatened the other papers if they publish his articles against the regime. so im appreciating Rusty for letting me get him more name recongition. because its not over, the regime hates us both. but he's there in Yemen with no rights. and im here with the bloggers, my buddies. a lot of people know al-khaiwani already, soon it will be more.

Posted by: Jane at October 27, 2005 09:23 PM

3 Post all you want we'll make more. I'm sure Rusty approves. I remember your issue here. I see lots of stuff so when I saw the post I remembered, just had to read it cause I knew it would be good. Powerful stuff bloggin. Best of luck to you both. Glad it's worked out for the better thus far.

Posted by: Howie at October 27, 2005 09:56 PM

4 Roddy Pipe-hitter - your swabbie head is full of popcorn and you are fighting the law of nature. Stop in the name of reality or the motorcycles will blow out your ears and the snakes will race up your nose.

Posted by: Downing Street Memo at October 27, 2005 10:41 PM

5 Why would they want to smear Sweet Jane? She's so cool. I don't get it.

Posted by: d-rod at October 28, 2005 01:38 AM

6 Hey Howie! Sorry I haven't been around to bitch-slap Gayrooster... I wanted to share this hilarious flash link:

I had to laugh...and even if the "neo-cronies" are all going to court, you still gotta giggle at this. Since I haven't been around, has it been a shit storm in here with recent news?

Posted by: osamabinhiding at October 28, 2005 02:20 AM

7 Osama,

Greyrooster hasn't been here, either. He only got back yesterday after having heart surgery.

Posted by: jesusland joe at October 28, 2005 04:58 AM

8 Thanks Howie, I appreciate it, sometimes things get hairy. I can use all the back-up I can get.

d-rod hey dude, i answered you in the post.

Posted by: Jane at October 28, 2005 06:32 AM

9 This is terrific news, Jane. Amazing what one voice can do. News like this gives us all hope. I wish Mr. al-Khaiwani the best of luck. I'll attempt to track his articles in the future. And welcome! Will you be posting regularly?

(Although I'm sorry to see the usual suspects hijack an otherwise excellent thread with totally non-related comments.)

Posted by: Oyster at October 28, 2005 06:48 AM

10 Thanks for the lovely reception, Oyster. Theres a natural affinity between the US right and the Arab reformers.

Im very good at ignoring trolls, and these are lightweights compared to the Yemeni govt weasels.

I'll be posting the interesting stuff about the terrorist sponsoring kleptocracy known as the Yemeni government. Or when they do something bad like kidnap a reformer.

Posted by: Jane at October 28, 2005 07:22 AM

11 Jane, these aren't even trolls, they're just not smart enough. Just think of them as sort of court jesters/ambassadors from the left whose purpose it is to remind us every day that the opposition is neither credible, sane, nor mature. They think that by posting their drivel they are somehow insulting us or changing our minds, but the actual effect is quite the opposite. Just be sure not to waste any time reading their posts or you'll lose IQ points.

Posted by: Improbulus Maximus at October 28, 2005 07:50 AM

12 JJ: Heart problems? That's too bad. I'm sure he's on doctor's orders to keep stress down and not post anything in here for a while, eh? :)

Posted by: osamabinhiding at October 28, 2005 01:23 PM

13 Well, Osama, I think he's ok, but he's bound to be weak for awhile. So we'll see. Hope he gets back and ramps up the excitement wheel. You too, where have you been?

Posted by: jesusland joe at October 28, 2005 03:28 PM

14 JJ...been busy as hell writing music for a bunch of spots. Mostly car commercials.

Posted by: osamabinhiding at October 30, 2005 03:14 PM

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