Pretty Darn Good

From RedState; video produced by Ben Howe.

Posted by: Ace at 02:18 AM


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1 Fuckin' A!

Posted by: Andy at September 24, 2010 02:22 AM (pRbtk)

2 I think I just came.

Posted by: Purple Fury at September 24, 2010 02:43 AM (uaErf)

3 Ace, you owe me a new pair of boxers from the nutbusting.

Posted by: Stirner at September 24, 2010 02:45 AM (nTjSs)

4 Just how many seats are up this year anyways, including state legislature races?

Posted by: Serious Cat at September 24, 2010 02:46 AM (bAySe)

5 Could. That. Music.
Possibly. Be.
Any. More. Dramatic.

Anyhow, awesome ad. And I loved the dig at big government Republicans.

Posted by: sandy burger at September 24, 2010 02:59 AM (XtFTC)

6 Holy shit that's fantastic.

Posted by: Annabelle at September 24, 2010 03:04 AM (pWgNR)

7 Chills 'n' tears.

The BEST part was the fact that it highlighted how this is NOT about D/R, which is one of the biggest Tea Party misconceptions.

Posted by: Filly at September 24, 2010 03:04 AM (MVKg4)

8 Ahhhh. I like this, especially the poke at Republicans in addition to the Dems. Emailed it out already. What's the music? So familiar...

Posted by: soulpile is... expendable at September 24, 2010 03:16 AM (afWhQ)

9 The music is from Inception.

Posted by: Phil at September 24, 2010 03:39 AM (jSNPJ)

10 I was chokin up in the middle just like I did at the end of Rudy. Was this done by some shmo blogger. Wow. Ifthere was aproducer in Hollywood and they were not socialist, they should hire this guy. Organizing a story line, editing, scoring. The makings of a Kubrick. Oh wait, they are all socialists in Hollywood. Sad. Think of all the wasted talent they don't hire because of ideology.

Posted by: Keven at September 24, 2010 03:45 AM (uYJZC)

11 Sweet..

Posted by: Snafu at September 24, 2010 03:46 AM (24jc6)

12 Thanks, Phil. Love that music... knew it was from some movie, but never saw that one, just the trailer.

Posted by: soulpile is... expendable at September 24, 2010 04:11 AM (afWhQ)

13 Exact track...

Posted by: Serious Cat at September 24, 2010 04:17 AM (bAySe)

14 Fucking. Awesome.

(I still cry when I hear Ronnie. I listen to his "Boys of Pointe du Hoc" every D-Day anniversary and sob like an idiot.)

Posted by: Miss Fluffy McNutter at September 24, 2010 04:30 AM (xMSXs)

15 breaks out the pudding

Posted by: Tres at September 24, 2010 05:25 AM (7Tc5G)

I like it.

"The wind from the north brings us the sound of the clash of resounding arms. Our brethren are already in the field. Why stand we idle? I know not what course others may take. But, as for me, give me liberty or give me death." Patrick Henry

Never entrust power to anyone not willing to surrender it.

Posted by: VADM (Red) Cuthbert Collingwood RN at September 24, 2010 05:38 AM (UL/HQ)

17 Damn. Just....damn. Come on, morons and moronettes. We can't let Ronnie down, nor the people who lie under those long rows of white crosses. Or our children and grandchildren.
Take America back from the thieves. Fight for it, and do what it takes to win. This is the most important election since before the Second World War. Even 1980 takes a back seat. Do what it takes to win.

Posted by: mac at September 24, 2010 05:44 AM (seAbh)

18 I just got a tingle up my leg.

Posted by: TheRedDianthus at September 24, 2010 06:52 AM (7Zyr0)

19 Simply. Awesome.

Thanks Congratulations to Ben...

Posted by: AllenG at September 24, 2010 07:05 AM (AWX5Z)

20 This is the sort of saying that works on pretty much every thread we comment on:
Socialists always begin with lies, then move on to theft, enslavement when there is not enough to steal, torture when the slaves are not productive, and murder when the slaves try to escape. The next generation raised that lies, theft, torture and murder are forms of virtue, move on to perversion.

Posted by: Truman 3000 at September 24, 2010 07:29 AM (HLGCA)

21 Bump worthy!!!

Posted by: beedubya at September 24, 2010 07:41 AM (AnTyA)

22 Most excellent!

Posted by: NM Hick at September 24, 2010 07:50 AM (IzuWw)

23 The 3 minutes flew by. Very effective- especially the black screen towards the end. I hope this goes viral.

Posted by: Museisluse at September 24, 2010 07:52 AM (DTfXb)


Encore! Encore!

Posted by: maverick muse at September 24, 2010 07:52 AM (H+LJc)

25 You can double click the video to Youtube to vote thumbs-up support for the message there.

Posted by: maverick muse at September 24, 2010 07:55 AM (H+LJc)

26 Edit it to one minute, including removing Palin (for "broad reach" purposes), and buy slots during every NFL 4th quarter broadcast the last 3 Sundays before Nov 2. It tells the story well.

Posted by: Herr Morgenholz at September 24, 2010 07:59 AM (h/zKr)

27 Ditto on everything said above.. freakin' awesome..

Posted by: ChiTown Jerry at September 24, 2010 08:01 AM (Do528)

28 Most excellent. The only GOP faces I saw were Palin and Mike Pence. Think that's a coincidence?

Posted by: GrumpyUnk at September 24, 2010 08:10 AM (TkQ9R)

29 The only ones not highlighted as examples. Duh on me.

Posted by: GrumpyUnk at September 24, 2010 08:11 AM (TkQ9R)

30 The beltway crowd does need to worry some when mom pop and Joe Sixpack take to the streets. That is showing up in the primaries.

Joe Sixpack normally doesn't vote in the primaries. He is now. This election is going to be a watershed event and "conventional wisdom" is out the window.

Remember that.

Posted by: Vic at September 24, 2010 08:12 AM (/jbAw)

31 Thank you. That sent chills. And makes me want to make some pudding. Lots and lots of lovely pudding.

Posted by: NotAMolly at September 24, 2010 08:13 AM (ADJFU)

32 Good work. I like Herr's idea. Hopefully an outside group like Republican Trust could do the releasing.

Posted by: Delta Smelt at September 24, 2010 08:16 AM (A0VTZ)

33 And thanks for the FB posting. Liberal heads going asplodey is a lovely sound!

Posted by: NotAMolly at September 24, 2010 08:16 AM (ADJFU)

34 Fox's Headline story is that the expiring tax rates won't be considered until after the election. Wonder what else they have planned, the lame fucks.

Posted by: Herr Morgenholz at September 24, 2010 08:22 AM (h/zKr)

Members, you're going to be forced to suck a little cock to win this election. Don't honor those conservative bastards by sucking all the cock, but just enough to win this election.

Posted by: Harry Reid, Nevada Flim-Flam at September 24, 2010 08:29 AM (v1gw3)

36 Great video, thanks for posting it. Running it during the football games is a great idea.

Posted by: RM at September 24, 2010 08:37 AM (GkYyh)

37 Holy crap, that was fantastic!

Posted by: Lady in Black at September 24, 2010 08:46 AM (M6enm)

38 Ifthere was aproducer in Hollywood and they were not socialist,
Uh, that guy died.

Posted by: Mallamutt at September 24, 2010 09:00 AM (OWjjx)

39 Most excellent. More and more and more of this is needed.

Posted by: JR at September 24, 2010 09:02 AM (DEQXX)


Posted by: KayInMaine at September 24, 2010 09:05 AM (47FnZ)

41 KayinMaine, I hope you don't skip your meds on November 2 or you might be too dangerous to handle the big surprise.
(_!_) TASTY

Posted by: Speller at September 24, 2010 09:16 AM (J74Py)

42 I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but fuck you Barney Frank*. "Recover" some of that money? Like, it was stolen and the Good Cops of the Democratic party are going to get it back for the poor people? Fuck you with a pineapple, ass-munch**.

*In a totally non-gay way**.

Posted by: J. Random Dude at September 24, 2010 09:17 AM (Jnxue)

43 That gives you chills. And it brings the tears.

Posted by: curious at September 24, 2010 09:21 AM (p302b)

44 Powerful. I need a tissue.

Posted by: Ms Choksondik at September 24, 2010 09:22 AM (uvFJG)

45 Posted by: KayInMaine at September 24, 2010 09:05 AM (47FnZ)

Fat, shrill, and stupid is no way to go through life you cow....

Posted by: Portnoy at September 24, 2010 09:26 AM (mT7uC)

46 Its not pudding time yet, theres still plenty of the for the gop to chop there own dicks off.

Posted by: humble lurker at September 24, 2010 09:36 AM (DFZ1V)

47 Posted by: KayInMaine at September 24, 2010 09:05 AM (47FnZ)

Lots of imbeciles are created in those long, dark winters in Maine.

Posted by: Museisluse at September 24, 2010 09:39 AM (DTfXb)

48 It's kinda' shocking the mental institutions in Maine can't find room for Kay . Poor thing really is a danger to herself and others .

Posted by: awkward davies at September 24, 2010 10:03 AM (YCW1b)

49 it! However, after the "awakened a sleeping giant" line I kept waiting for "and filled it with a terrible resolve." Maybe it's better that they didn't include it, but may me think of it anyway. The giant is indeed awake and filled with resolve. The only ones who will think it terrible are those who stand in its way.

Posted by: Formerly known as Skeptic at September 24, 2010 10:29 AM (91XRk)

50 or rather: "made me think of it..."

Posted by: Formerly known as Skeptic at September 24, 2010 10:30 AM (91XRk)

51 I'd see that movie even if it was directed by M. Night Shyalaman.

Posted by: BeckoningChasm at September 24, 2010 10:31 AM (eNxMU)

52 I just want to say thank you, Ronald Reagan, it was a privilege.

Posted by: t-bird at September 24, 2010 10:34 AM (FcR7P)

53 When ever I think about conservatives....I want to cut myself...

another slice of cheese cake.

Posted by: KowInMaine at September 24, 2010 10:41 AM (mT7uC)

54 BRAAmm

Posted by: lurkerdelurked at September 24, 2010 11:05 AM (iH8I8)

55 Hearing Reagan .. gives me chills.

Posted by: Timbo at September 24, 2010 11:05 AM (ph9vn)

56 That was bad-ass. Can't wait for November.

Beautiful bookending with RR. Damn I miss that guy. One thing I'll say for Mark Levin (justly smacked around a bit lately): every now and then he'll play LONG clips from foundational Reagan speeches, and they're awesome. I wish we had more conservative leaders who could connect like that today.

Remember that in the liberal conventional wisdom, Reagan was a dummy and 57 States is a brilliant intellectual.

Posted by: P.M. at September 24, 2010 11:09 AM (2AfKV)

57 Jeez, AMAZING!

Says it all.

Made me cry.

The future will not be easy, but the American people are not ready to lie down and become government drones. We will not submit!

Posted by: PJ at September 24, 2010 11:20 AM (QxFRN)

58 Yeah, that Inception music is getting a lot of use these days, huh? Love it.

Posted by: Nick B. at September 24, 2010 11:30 AM (0fXDw)

59 Appeal to Heaven.

Posted by: Emperor of Icecream at September 24, 2010 11:40 AM (epBek)

60 Posted by: KayInMaine

Once the Revolution comes, Kay, your betters will find your mental instability to be a net drain on productivity and promptly end you.

I doubt they'll waste a bullet. Probably, they'll just dump you in some Florida swamp with a bunch of other formerly useful idiots and let the gators have at you.

Posted by: Warden at September 24, 2010 12:14 PM (fE6tn)

61 I'm 56 years old and I had tears running down my face. I don't know if it was joy at whats coming, or sorrow at what has been done. I do know one thing.


Posted by: Leatherneck at September 24, 2010 12:45 PM (eLr5+)

62 Pretty darn good? MMs, that's effin' excellent!

Posted by: The inexplicable Dr. Julius Strangepork at September 24, 2010 01:38 PM (gw1lq)

63 WOW. Goosebumps.
Where's my checkbook?

Posted by: Max Entropy at September 24, 2010 02:39 PM (la188)

64 Brilliant. The first half builds up the anger and the second half builds up the hope. I don't think I've ever seen anything like this before that made me so emotional. I watched it a second time to see if it made me feel the same way. It did.

Posted by: Laurie at September 24, 2010 03:32 PM (cjcyR)

65 I usually look at things things with a more critical eye, but I might be going soft. By the time Reagan spoke again at the end, I was in tears.

If the thought of this great experiment, democracy, and 200+ years of fighting for it don't bring someone to tears, well, you're missing a heart.

Posted by: jmflynny at September 24, 2010 03:55 PM (r+nxg)

66 Dear Lord.

I saw KayinMaine pop up and thought surely someone was doing a parody.

Posted by: jmflynny at September 24, 2010 03:58 PM (r+nxg)

67 That cocksucker Frank (literally) .... I get so spittin' mad when I hear him open his fat, stupid mouth.

I am "rich" in the sense that I have managed to put away about $2M for my retirement. I went to work for 43 years, lived a frugal lifestyle, held off on buying a boat, or taking that European holiday, and saved what I could so that my retirement life would be comfortable.

To hear this sonofabitch now speak about how he can tax us "rich, to pay for this" sets my blood boiling. To pay for what? Your goddamned reckless spending sprees? To pay for your insistence that people who couldn't afford mortgages MUST be permitted to borrow money they could not pay back? And your relentless, non-stop efforts to defend such policies when it was quite apparent that the sky was finally falling?

I should pay for it?

Suck my balls, you moronic cocksucker....

Posted by: Doug at September 24, 2010 04:00 PM (Wk+Nx)

68 Get your popcorn ready.

Posted by: HeftyJo at September 24, 2010 04:27 PM (0/c8m)

69 All it takes these days is the sound of Reagan's voice to start the crying for me. Nov. can't get here fast enough.

Posted by: winewife at September 24, 2010 04:38 PM (OnM4p)

70 Reagan almost destroyed this nation. Do the research! When he left office, we had one of the highest deficits. Clinton got us back on track and then W. came in and jacked it up again with all his unwanted wars and tax cuts for the rich. Please do some checking before you believe everything you're told and, don't forget, Reagan was an actor! Everyone needs to question and become educated!

Posted by: Ronnie at September 24, 2010 07:46 PM (k8i9U)

71 41 - I think Kay is out of tin foil.

Posted by: twiceblessedmom at September 24, 2010 08:59 PM (HjxoE)

72 "I think Kay is out of tin foil."

I think #73 Ronnie is too.

Posted by: Adlib at September 24, 2010 10:22 PM (nbXq4)

73 I like the lady screaming "WE THE PEOPLE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!" Can we yell that when we go vote? Because I've felt like doing that every day since Election Day '08.

Posted by: Adlib at September 24, 2010 10:28 PM (nbXq4)

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خبراء الارشفة




دردشة النجف


دردشة بابل

العاب فلاش

دردشة الانبار

شركة استضافة عراقية

شركة عراقية

دردشة سامراء

درشة ذي قار

دردشة دهوك


منتديات غرام العشاق

دردشة غرام العشاق

غرام العشاق

العشاق غرام

دردشة المثنى

شط العرب

عالم الرومانسية

دردشة العراق

دردشة عراقنا

روعة الخليج


روعة الخليج

دردشة تعب قلبي

دردشة الخليج

مركز تحميل عراق اب
دردشة فلسطين
استضافة خدماتي
استضافه عراقيه

Posted by: حرب التتار at June 25, 2011 07:19 PM (zWx7q)

102 casus kamera cizik
kalemi denge
bilekligi ozel bakim
urunleri duvar sticker poker chip adwords ozel ders hediye simli dِvme solaryum avc kozmetik moto kurye kurye psy trance trance dis beyazlatici camasir topu ayak kokusu dis beyazlatma yikama topu foot care çizik kalemi

Posted by: Alexandra Menson at July 14, 2011 02:39 AM (zhkcs)

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