Chrysler Lenders Seek Secrecy, Citing Death Threats

Obama will sic the White House Press Corps on them. And then if something bad should happen... well, you bought your ticket, enjoy the ride.

A group of lenders to troubled automaker Chrysler asked a bankruptcy court judge Tuesday to keep their identities secret, saying they could face "public attack" and "threats to their safety."

The petition was filed by the group that objected to a government plan to reduce the ailing company's debt to help create a partnership with Italy's Fiat.
The group is identified only as the "Chrysler Non-TARP Lenders," because the members have not received aid under the government's Troubled Asset Relief Program, a 700-billion-dollar program to stabilize the financial system.

Represented by lawyer Gerard Uzzi of the firm White & Case, the group said its members may be subjected to threats and intimidation in part because of comments made by President Barack Obama, who chastised the opponents of an attempted deal to keep Chrysler out of bankruptcy.

"Never before has the president of the United States announced a chapter 11 filing in a national address," the petition said.

"The president publicly chastised these secured creditors for having the temerity to enforce their constitutional rights in this court of law, branding them as 'speculators,' making clear that 'I don't stand with them.'"

Ridiculous, and an obvious stunt to garner sympathy. After all, the people who'd really object to their refusal to give their money to the UAW are of course union thugs, and union thugs never have intimidated or harmed anyone. In all of human history.

Google it.

Judge Denies Motion: Gee, nice life you have here. Would be a shame if something were to 'appen to it.

Thanks to Muffy.

Posted by: Ace at 03:33 PM


1 Extraordinary.

Simply extraordinary.

Posted by: Dave at May 05, 2009 03:36 PM (Xm1aB)

2 Maybe this lawyer should file with the bankruptcy court a request for an order of protection against the president forbidding BO from harrassing his clients.

Posted by: Dave at May 05, 2009 03:38 PM (Xm1aB)

3 Remember back when it was terrorists who needed to hide because of the actions of our President?
Good times. Good times, indeed.

Posted by: Lee at May 05, 2009 03:39 PM (TxTIh)

4 Lawyer and Uzzi (sic) in the same sentence! Spells doom for the non-TARP lenders. The Fifth (or any) Amendment be damned. It is so deemed.

Posted by: dfbaskwill at May 05, 2009 03:40 PM (7Gs5S)

5 They apparently, during the hearing, turned evidence over to the F B I.

Posted by: muffy at May 05, 2009 03:40 PM (zplc6)

6 Yes, but that Prejean woman posed in her underwear! Why aren't you paying attention to that? The MSM is jumping up and down, waving their arms, and trying to distract you from this Chrysler stuff. Look, shiny, semi-naked object:

Posted by: ParanoidGirlInSeattle at May 05, 2009 03:41 PM (AJ4xq)

7 So this is what it feels like to live in Venezuela.

Posted by: Being at May 05, 2009 03:41 PM (YaBmG)

FDR was great at strong arming peeps into submission, kinda like what BHO is doing.

Posted by: kim in vancouver at May 05, 2009 03:44 PM (lzBKU)

9 "Judge Denies Request to Keep Chrysler Secured Lenders' Names Under Seal"

Posted by: muffy at May 05, 2009 03:44 PM (zplc6)

10 Posted by: ParanoidGirlInSeattle (#6)

Posted by: Lee at May 05, 2009 03:45 PM (TxTIh)

11 And investers go Galt.

Posted by: nickless at May 05, 2009 03:46 PM (MMC8r)

12 #9

So the judge is playing along with BO?

No suprise. He knows he'll be impeached in a nanosecond if he doesn't do just what BO desires.

Posted by: Dave at May 05, 2009 03:46 PM (Xm1aB)

13 The only thing keeping me from worrying about the safety of these people is that I know our president is an erudite pragmatist with a first class temperament who wrote two books and transcends both politics and race.

Sleep well, investors. It's not like you're dealing with a ruthless thug of a Chicago machine pol or anything... After all, you voted for him, right?

Posted by: bunny boy at May 05, 2009 03:46 PM (YsSn7)

14 Where is the national call for a boycott of all Chrysler and GM products?

Can the Tea Party infrastructure, such as it is, organize this?

Posted by: Dave at May 05, 2009 03:48 PM (Xm1aB)

15 Obama likes to trot out the 'pitchfork crowd' when he wants to intimidate someone. Since he likes to quote Churchill so much, I'd like to remind him about the tiger. 'He who rides it, often ends up inside'.

Posted by: GarandFan at May 05, 2009 03:48 PM (C3okI)

16 They claim he made a deal with the unions, while running for the presidency, that he would lift the congressionally-appointed oversight committee on union skullduggery....perhaps this is part of that deal, use the unions as his personal thugs to attack anyone against his dictatorship.

Posted by: Judith at May 05, 2009 03:50 PM (D1n2x)

17 It needs to be made perfectly clear to the union thugs and their cheerleader BO that any bankruptcy reorganization is absolutley futile since the reorganized company will be unable to sell a damn thing.

The people of this country need to stand up and announce a boycott of Chrysler and GM--right now.

Posted by: Dave at May 05, 2009 03:52 PM (Xm1aB)

18 Now, if Texas will seccede (wish this thing had spellcheck) and maybe a couple of others go with it (Ks-Ark-Ok-NM-Ariz), you can call me davy crockett

Posted by: teej at May 05, 2009 03:56 PM (QdUKm)

19 GarandFan, I'd love to see a pitchfork sticking out of his ass. I'll just cling to that image until taxes, unemployment rates, gas and heating bills go up.

Posted by: Tattoo De Plane at May 05, 2009 04:00 PM (o+0qP)


"The president publicly chastised these secured creditors for having
the temerity to enforce their constitutional rights in this court of
law, branding them as 'speculators,' making clear that 'I don't stand
with them.'"

I spoke with the Hon Rev Dr Michael Eric Dyson and we agree that this is just white racial code language that speaks to the notion that racist white men still absolutely are racist.

Posted by: Rev. Dr. E. Joe Biden-Miller, M.D., D.O at May 05, 2009 04:06 PM (FPYe+)

21 Now, if Texas will seccede (wish this thing had spellcheck) and maybe a couple of others go with it (Ks-Ark-Ok-NM-Ariz), you can call me davy crockett
My wife and I were joking about this the other night as we used to live in Texas and now are wondering if perhaps we should have stayed. Maybe we could claim asylum since our oldest is a native born Texan. Although it's safe to say that if by some bizarre twist of fate this were to happen, our state (SC) would probably follow shortlythereafter.
The real pisser is that I had a chance to apply for a job in the Caymans a few years ago but decided not to. Probably could've gotten that job too, dammit.

Posted by: Ghost of Lee Atwater at May 05, 2009 04:08 PM (sXLx/)

22 This judge probably just closed a deal for a future upgrade judicial appointment from DOhbama, perhaps with a nice cushy hospital job thrown in for the judge's wife.

Posted by: drfredc at May 05, 2009 04:10 PM (ljMiA)

23 well as long as those airplane pictures aren't released then everything is OK.

Posted by: Jim King at May 05, 2009 04:12 PM (7ofNn)

24 Perhaps there will be no need for a John Galt to visit industrialists and convince them of their self-destructive fealty to a system designed to eat them alive.

It's beginning to look like Benito Obussolini's ravenous appetite may just scare them away for good.

Posted by: George Orwell at May 05, 2009 04:15 PM (AZGON)

25 Interlocutory appeals to the district court, ASAP. On the name thing and the asset sale. Make O's cronies work to fuck over citizens and rape the Constitution.

Posted by: Jazz at May 05, 2009 04:18 PM (hnq5i)

26 Duh Oh evidently isn't smart enough to realize that nobody will ever lend money to an American company that is in trouble again if he gets away with this stunt. Duh Oh probably hasn't heard that the Chinese are unloading T Bills.

Nice country that we had here. Sorry, kids.

Posted by: MarkD at May 05, 2009 04:21 PM (VI20d)

27 A couple of "O" supporter, retired relatives of mine just stimulated the economy by buying a new... Honda. I laughed, asked them why not a Chrysler, They didn't get it. I'm going to quit wasteing good snide comments on "those" people, I cant stand to see the blank looks on their faces.

Posted by: mydemonsdriveon at May 05, 2009 04:23 PM (E69Fg)

28 26
Duh Oh evidently isn't smart enough to realize that nobody will ever
lend money to an American company that is in trouble again if he gets
away with this stunt. Duh Oh probably hasn't heard that the Chinese
are unloading T Bills.

Hmm...maybe the new plan is to print plenty of money, and have the US government as the only creditor available for businesses. That way, the government will own everything!

Near Future USA=Zimbabwae + old Russia

Posted by: shibumi at May 05, 2009 04:26 PM (OKZrE)

29 BTW, the Chrysler lenders better buy plenty of life insurance. Remember the list of Clinton enemies who died...unexpectedly? Betcha there's going to be a lot of "accidents" if these lenders don't stare towing the Obama line.

/yeah, I wish I could write that I was being sarcastic here.

Posted by: shibumi at May 05, 2009 04:29 PM (OKZrE)

30 bunnyboy @13, I'm givin' you the thread.

Posted by: arhooley at May 05, 2009 04:54 PM (GKXA7)

31 Best part is, most of these idiots voted for Obama. Kind of makes it hard to sympathize on a personal level.
On the other hand, I work in health care, so it should be our turn in the barrel here pretty soon. I aim to misbehave.

Posted by: U.S.S. Yorktown at May 05, 2009 05:56 PM (5RlWq)

32 When do the busses full of ACORN protesters show up on these guys' lawns? You know, like they didfor the AIG guys.
So that Obama can tell them he's the only thing between them and the pitchforks. You know, like he did for the AIG guys.
Even though he's the one that whipped the pitchfork wielders up in the first place.
This guy is turning out to be even more dangerous to Americathan I thought he would.

Posted by: jana at May 05, 2009 06:09 PM (vSRlG)

33 Screw ACORN. Where the hell does Rattner live? I think a sign-waving mob on his front lawn calling him a thug would make great television.

Posted by: DocinPA at May 05, 2009 06:59 PM (dlhTt)

34 This is dying for a photoshop of BHO as the Wicked Witch sending the flying monkeys of MSNBC after Chrysler bondholders.

"Scrive, my pretties, scrive! Ahahahahahahaha!"

Posted by: Darren at May 05, 2009 07:01 PM (PntkJ)

35 I'm getting tired of all of these highly paid corporate types getting spooked by a couple ofphony death threats. By crying aboutthethreats all the time, they simply invite more of them. Stop being pussies about the whole damn thing, andactlike men for once. If these death threats were real, somebody would be dead by now.
Thesethreats are probablyanACORN/White House negotiating strategy. It's all so predictable. Press coverage...White House condemns...death threats...corporate execssqueel like little girls and cave in.
We need a "bring it on puss boy" campaign. These little liberal tweeks sit in their basement doodling these threatsbecause they are too scared to get out and take part in protests against the G20 (or whatever). Get your carry permit, challenge these little pricks and enjoy the peace it brings.

Posted by: Shrug at May 06, 2009 01:40 AM (imd1h)

36 Makes ya proud to have voted for Obama in the primary and support the socialist TARP bill, eh, Ace?

Suck it up.

Posted by: Mad Dog at May 06, 2009 04:01 PM (8tsZi)

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