Shock: MTV Lifts Ban on Political Advertising for First Time in Outlet's History

Coincedentally, um, coinciding with Barack Obama's youth-powered run at the presidency.

Why, one would almost begin to imagine that perhaps the media supports Obama or something.

Keep on rockin' that vote, MTV. Keep on rockin' that vote.

Thanks to Circa.

Oh: And at a BET awards ceremony (does BET feature any programming at all, or do they just give out awards 24/7?) the crowd erupted in the charming chant "Obama or die."

Posted by: Ace at 03:22 PM


1 Jeannie Kedas, exec VP-communications for MTV's music networks, said
the change is effective immediately and reflects the importance of the
youth vote.

Translation: Like we needed to allow ads to help Obama, our whole friggin lineup is an ad. If Obama is gonna be spending $500 million this election cycle you can bet your sweet ass we want some.

Posted by: Rocks at June 25, 2008 03:29 PM (Q1lie)

2 Well, if this doesn't get out that "youth vote" that we've been hearing about for years but never seems to materialize, I don't know what will.

Up next, free weed.

Posted by: Sean M. at June 25, 2008 03:36 PM (e6v7s)

3 Also, this ties in with what is looking to be a major theme for Obama's campaign which is to force McCain to waste money. Instead of just doing the lame ass MTV debate McCain will actually now have to spend money on MTV or be seen as conceding the youth vote. The 14 state ad buys Obama plans to do to help get local Dem majorities in state legislatures for redistricting is the same crap. Obama is trying to run McCain through his cash so McCain has nothing for October while Obama can match it and still have 50 million to spend once McCain is tapped out.

Let Obama do whatever he wants now, it's summer, nobody gives a shit and won't remember the ads in the fall anyway.

Posted by: Rocks at June 25, 2008 03:40 PM (Q1lie)


Isn't there always, always, always, major handwringing by the lefties about using MASS MEDIA FOR MANUFACTURING CONSENT?

Well whaddya know? They go ahead and fucking do it in a huge way...the chill wind of the crushing of dissent.

Yep, what a bunch of fucktards.

Posted by: Sir Rev. Dr. E Buzz Heinz-Miller-Heinz, Esq at June 25, 2008 03:54 PM (sf4Oe)

5 Actually, I turned on BET, and it had the MTV logo in the corner of the screen.

Posted by: roy at June 25, 2008 03:55 PM (cB77O)

6 "Obama or die."

Umm...I choose "or die."

Was that a trick question?

Is this thing on? Testing...

Posted by: railwriter at June 25, 2008 03:59 PM (XcsD4)

7 Nothing is as succulent as the briny tang of a red-eyed college girl's tears when her Democratic hero has just been handed his ass by the electorate. Nothing compares, I tell you.

Posted by: railwriter at June 25, 2008 04:02 PM (XcsD4)

8 I'm all for it... Obama ads ad nauseum on MTV will burn out supporters faster than MTV used to burn out music videos back in the day with overplaying.

Posted by: Michael Fisk at June 25, 2008 04:10 PM (8YgdQ)

9 We are facing an avalanche of dumbness this election cycle
Hate mccain all you want- President Obama is going to be fucking EPIC BAD
At t

Posted by: TMF at June 25, 2008 04:23 PM (KTgUG)

10 We all know what James Carville correctly called the campaign that relies on the youth vote: "The loser." It's a highly unreliable segment. But to advertise to that subset of the youth vote that actually still watches MTV is a whole other level of stupid. Seriously, those over 18 still gaping at crap like The Hills, The Real World, and Total Request Live are aware of the registration deadline for their state, know where their assigned polling location can be found, and will plan ahead of time to work voting around in their daily schedule? Not likely. Have at it, Obama campaign.

Posted by: Lee at June 25, 2008 04:27 PM (+kJAy)

I think the media needs to focus more on the needs of black people, because they are very sensitive to things.

Thank you.

Posted by: Sir Rev. Dr. E Buzz Heinz-Miller-Heinz, Esq at June 25, 2008 04:39 PM (sf4Oe)

12 Waste of money. He already has the youth vote like no other candidate.

Worst defeat in GOP history. Obama 393, McCain 145.

Say goodnight, bitches.

Posted by: roman at June 25, 2008 04:43 PM (4KEuP)


Can you imagine a crowd at the Country Music Awards chanting "McCain Or Die!!"?

Posted by: IreneFingIrene at June 25, 2008 04:44 PM (QcPNi)

14 Ace,
Did you see this?
The first thought that came to mind-- "That's not the Anakin I knew"

Posted by: Blackjack at June 25, 2008 04:45 PM (miOAD)

15 College kids shouldnt be allowed to vote IMO. I was one once.
No dumber, naive, indoctrinated, out of touch, or more ignorant segment of society.
If their voting for Obama in droves- you can bet your ass hes gonna fuck this country inside out

Posted by: TMF at June 25, 2008 04:47 PM (KTgUG)

16 Bah. Just saw the clip on HotAir. Puffy was chanting.. the crowd didn't seem to be following. Somehow I find some solace in that.

Posted by: IreneFingIrene at June 25, 2008 04:51 PM (QcPNi)

17 Worst defeat in GOP history. Obama 393, McCain 145.
GALLUP POLL: 6/25/2008
McCain: 45%
Obama: 45%
Yes this is really a blowout of epic proportions, douschenozzle.
Accounting for pro-Dem leanings of the MSM and most polling organizations, this probably translates to a 6-8 point McCain lead im thinkin.
Should be a laugh fucking riot in November when Roman and his KOS turd buddies heads explode

Posted by: TMF at June 25, 2008 04:54 PM (KTgUG)

18 Interesting Ace.

Obama can pump up the youth vote all he wants, it won't do him any good. Demographics rule.

There are 8 million more seniors than the youth vote (17-26). Yes, 8 million. Seniors vote at around 76% of the population IIRC. Youth votes at around 48% or so.

Yes, I've <a href="">Blogged about this</a> on my own blog (yes of course I link to you)..

Using publicly available data from the US Census Bureau, including voting data from the 2004 Presidential Election, the answer is a resounding NO!

Obama's people are making the same, group-think mistake that most hip-young marketing driven people make. Seniors and middle age folks dominate the electorate and always participate in much higher percentages than the youth vote.

Also, stuff that appeals to the Youth Vote turns Seniors off: <a href="">See here</a>. Particularly crime. When Obama complains about more young black men in prison than in College, seniors are just fine with that state of affairs. Not because they're racist, but because for them, a mugging is not something they can just run away from, or brag to peers later over beers about how cool they handled it. A mugging means broken hips, a long stay in the hospital with bed sores, pneumonia, and a painful, ugly death.

Seniors and Middle Aged people want as much law and order as they can get.

Obama's people think it's 1968, when young people WERE a huge demographic slice. Falling birthrates for decades have made that a fantasy. More proof that his people are stupid.

Posted by: Whiskey at June 25, 2008 04:58 PM (4878o)

19 I think this is more about snagging tons of ad revenue than trying to help Obama. Do you really think MTV gives a shit about anything but the bottom line?

Posted by: sammy at June 25, 2008 04:59 PM (5GYdt)

20 This could be fun:
MTV gives Obama the Sooper-Dooper Discounted Price for His ads.
McCain is made to pay full price.
Hillarity ensues.
Personally, if Obama is willing to spend $318,974 per youth vote by advertising on MTV, creating Viral iPod Casts,putting holographic messages on Red Bull cans, and sponsoring the Snapple in-cap quotations,
and McCain can spend $1.82 for the Elder Vote by looking like he'sneeded a prune or two for breakfast to get things moving, I like McCain's chances.

Posted by: BumperStickerist at June 25, 2008 05:02 PM (UeP9e)

21 Do you really think MTV gives a shit about anything but the bottom line
YEah, as financially saavy as the MTV execs may be, they're still hollywood types, and therefore probably do genuinely hold the idiotic political beliefs of that class of people
Namely, that they can get hugely rich in a free market economy, but everyone else should be subject to socialism, big govt taxation and regulation and profit stealing legislation

Posted by: TMF at June 25, 2008 05:04 PM (KTgUG)

22 MTV has always been very partisan and pushed the liberal agenda and dem candidates. This just means they have decided to accept money for it above the table for a change.

Posted by: Steve at June 25, 2008 05:36 PM (lv+sJ)

23 Just another network in the tank for O'Bama.
MTV hasn't been worth schmeg since about 1988.

Posted by: Enough Already at June 25, 2008 05:43 PM (GGhvX)

24 "Obama or die."

I'll have cake, please.

Posted by: cheshirecat at June 25, 2008 11:08 PM (4+wiP)

25 OB1 for 08

Now you're not even trying. Do us a favor and hit the tipjar on the way out... might keep the boss from dropping the hammer on you.


The Anointed

Posted by: Uncle Luck at June 26, 2008 12:30 AM (G5ILy)

26 the crowd erupted in the charming chant "Obama or die"
That can be arranged, lefties. That can be arranged.

Posted by: SGT Dan at June 26, 2008 08:50 AM (YzCiM)

27 So, what, Tabitha Soren's constant verbal fellating of Clinton didn't count as political advertising?

Posted by: hhuummbbeerrtt at June 26, 2008 04:45 PM (f7A+e)

28 Oh, and roman, remember how reliable that "youth vote" has been in the past...

Posted by: hhuummbbeerrtt at June 26, 2008 04:47 PM (f7A+e)

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